8 1/4″ Self Stick Cable Ties (Hook & Loop Fasteners)


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Self Stick Cable Ties (Hook & Loop Fasteners) – These Self-Stick Hook and Loop Cable Ties are perfect for Category 5 and Category 6 Cable Management .

Packed per bag of 10 , 8 1/4″ Long x 1/2 Wide

Self Stick Cable Ties (Hook & Loop Fasteners) features include:

  • Self Stick Cable Ties feature popular Hook and Loop Technology for ease of Reuse and to Avoid Damage to Sensitive Datacommunicaions and other Cables
  • Bundle Wire and Cords in one easy step
  • Fabric Hook on One Side, Loop on the other & fabric attaches back to itself for a Secure Closure
  • Reusable & Good for Temporary Applications where continuous changes are anticipated
  • Attach to Single Conductor and simply Wrap Around the Whole Cable Bundle
  • Will not Over-cinch or accidentally cut delicate Cat 5E & Fiber Optics
  • Allow for 2” Overlap when installing
  • 50lb tensil strength
  • Cable ties are Non-Metallic so they’ll never short circuit electrical equipment or damage a computer disc
  • Dimension Measurements = Inches
  • Order Qty of 10 = 1 Bag of 10

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