Signamax # 065-11DINMT DIN-Rail Mounting Bracket




Signamax # 065-11DINMT DIN-Rail Mounting Bracket

he Signamax Din-rail Mounting Bracket provides the perfect solution for mounting media converters on a standard 35 mm top-hat DIN-rail. The bracket is manufactured out of heavy-duty steel for durability. For a flexible placement option, the fiber-reinforced plastic DIN-rail clip can be repositioned to provide four mounting orientations.

  • Sturdy & versatile
  • Clips onto 35mm “Top Hat” DIN-rail
  • Clip is engineered for vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Supports 065-11xx series & 065-1696SFPDR media converters
  • Mounting Plate
    Material: Stamped Steel
  • Clip
    Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon 66