Signamax 065-79LXMG 1000BaseLX SFP Module 1310 nm – SM/LC, 10 km




Signamax 065-79LXMG 1000BaseLX SFP Module 1310 nm – SM/LC, 10 km

Signamax Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) fiber modules come in an array of options supporting Gigabit Ethernet transmission over either multimode or singlemode fiber cable at distances up to 10 kilometers. They adhere to the IEEE 802.3z standards for Gigabit Ethernet fiber connectivity, and are cost-effective methods of providing changeable Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic interfaces to switches and media converters equipped with a standard SFP port. Both standard temperature range (0° C to 70° C) and hardened temperature range (-40° C to 85° C) versions are available.

  • RoHS compliant
  • Meets the SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA)
  • Up to 10 km link distance
  • Hot pluggable
  • Metal enclosure for low EMI performance
  • Low power dissipation
  • Router / Server interface
  • Distributed multi-processing
  • Switch to switch interface
  • High speed I/O for file server
Part Number TX/RX
Light Source Link Power
Typical Max. Distance Supply
065-79LXMG LX
1310 nm
FP Laser 11 dBm 10 km *** 3.3 V 0 ~ 70° C
065-79LXMG-H LX
1310 nm
FP Laser 11 dBm 10 km *** 3.3 V -40 ~ 85° C

** Maximum distances attainable on multimode Gigabit Ethernet fiber circuits are primarily dependent upon multimode distortion, also known as modal dispersion. Larger aperture fiber optic cable allows more modes to be generated at the launch point; these modes cause the pulse width to spread across a Gigabit Ethernet bit time interval to a point where accurate determination of data (i.e., ones and zeroes) is not possible. These are physical properties that are not specific to this product. These properties also apply to competing products operating in the same frequency spectrum over multimode fiber cable having the same modal bandwidth.

*** Maximum distances attainable on singlemode fiber circuits are dependent upon a circuit’s conditions; i.e., the number of splices and patch panels and the number of bends in the circuit path. For comparison with competing products, please use the Link Power Budget for meaningful comparisons.